Expected impact

Potential Impact of the Proposed Solution on Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life for end-users

Extension of working life

Alleviating cognitive decline and reducing social isolation

Constructiv(intergenerational) relationships

Alleviation of health risks

The aimed service models


Employment of Technology


Social and ethical impact

EU Social and Ethical Policies

PEARL Alignment and Relevance

Other user segments

Other Industrial Sectors

Other Age Groups

Other Environments

Potential impact of the Proposed Solution on Market Development

The business case

Main Exploitable Products and Services

Competition Added-Value and Competitive Advantage of PEARL

Target Group Potential Customers

Stakeholders and Value Network

Platform providers

Integrators and Solution Providers

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)


Consortium Roles vs. PEARL Value Chain

Market Experience and Positioning of the Partners

Quantification of the market - Market Size


International newspaper and conferences

Project website

PEARL platform dissemination

Projects demos

Plan for Using and Disseminating (PUD) knowledge

Flash studies and White Papers


AAL Conference and other

EC project clustering events

Liaisons establishment with other projects and activities

PEARL in electronic and social media


CEN ISO/IEEE 11073 Health informatics and Medical /health device communication standards

ISO 9241-210 “human-centered design

Open Interfaces

Interoperability (Technical/Semantic/Service) Interoperability

This project is

Co-financed by

National  AAL  Agencies


PEARL is a project co-funded by the Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) of the European Commission and the National AAL Agencies.

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