Organisational layer

Office :

PEARL envisions a social work environment that allows elderly employees to alternate freely between various kinds of workplaces according to personal preferences and the nature of upcoming tasks. The office shall contain spaces for privacy and silence when high concentration is needed, provide spaces for the exchange and collaboration between colleagues, and in addition leave room for training and self-empowerment activities.

Workplaces :

Within the office we envision three kinds of workplaces: the private desk workplace, the collaborative workplace, and the social space. The private desk can be adapted automatically by the usage of RFID technology according to personal preferences including not only ergonomic settings but also private artefacts. It can be used when an employee needs silence and a private place to focus on a task. The collaborative workplace offers easy means of sharing content from private devices to a public screen and allows to collaboratively edit documents or products. The social space is envisioned for social interactions between colleagues (intergenerational exchange), for cognitive games, dispersion and skills training.

Home :

PEARL also wants to provide support in the home environment, as well-being and mental fitness are not only relevant in the work context. Some employees might prefer to play cognitive games or to engage in skill trainings at home. For example, it might be interesting for some employees to review their activities of the day (activity summary), to delve in particular knowledge domains, and to plan ahead for upcoming tasks (scheduling, itinerary lists).

This project is

Co-financed by

National  AAL  Agencies


PEARL is a project co-funded by the Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) of the European Commission and the National AAL Agencies.

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