WorkPackages (WP)

WP WP Leader Objectives of the WP

Management:  Handle  strategic  and  everyday  management  of  the  project,  including  financial,  non- technical and administrative coordination among all activities involved in the project            
Communication:  Implement  and  maintain  seamless  communication  flow  between  the  Consortium members, the AAL CMU and national funding organizations 
Project results: Guarantee appropriate quality and timely delivery of reports, Deliverables and project outcomes in general in order to ensure the successful termination of the project as scheduled                                  
Ethical issues:  Ensure that all user involvement activities fulfill highest ethicalstandards  
Section 3.2 explains in more detail the overall management structure and procedures, its involved key organs as well as decision making policies.


This work package comprises all user-centered design and trial management activities of the project (including lab and field trials). The main objectives of the work package are to: (a) Elicit and analyze requirements from all stakeholders, while also analyzing the needs of older workers as well, (b) Specify a set of baseline representative scenarios and use cases associated with the operation of the PEARL solutions, (c) Identify integrated functionalities of the PEARL platform and how they could use to multiplicative benefits, (d) Design the user-interfaces for the PEARL applications and services, (e) Specify the trial protocols and procedures that will be followed during the evaluation of the system, (f) Perform a range of lab and field trials in order to validate the system.


This work package will be devoted in the adaptation of the background platforms that will comprise the PEARL technological infrastructure. Its main objectives are: (a) To contribute and adapt an RFID/NFC infrastructure that will enable the ambient personalization of the working infrastructure and the development of an informational workspace for older workers, (b) To contribute and adapt an open source project and time management infrastructure to the task management needs of older workers, (c) To contribute and adapt the SOCIABLE platform for cognitive training to the needs of older workers and workspaces, (d) To contribute and adapt a popular learning management system to the needs of age- friendly workspaces, while also producing training materials for demonstrating the lifelong learning concept.


This work package will deal with the added-value integration of the various platforms/infrastructures that comprise PEARL. To this end, the partners will implement web-based APIs enabling access to the low- level capabilities of the various platforms, while also providing tools and techniques for combining those capabilities. The main objectives of the work package are: (a) To specify and implement the PEARL architecture, which will drive the integration of the various components of the platform, (b) To specify a set of data structures that will comprise the models of the workspace environment and processes, including users’ preferences and their tasks, (c) To implement a rule engine and an associated decision support system for matching workspace models and requirements to capabilities of the PEARL platforms and solutions, (d) To implement programmability interfaces and APIs, over the adapted platforms of WP3, (e) To integrate all the components of the PEARL platform according to the specified technical architecture.

WP 5 Comarg

The objectives of this WP are to: (a) Evaluate the project’s results from the perspectives of all relevant stakeholders, (b) Raise public awareness and scientific interest for the project and its results for further research activities, (a) Perform research market analysis and establish exploitation plans and agreements towards the introduction of PEARL results into the market.

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PEARL is a project co-funded by the Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) of the European Commission and the National AAL Agencies.

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