PEARL Project

Platform for Ergonomic and motivating ICT-based Age-friendly woRkpLaces

Recent advances in ICT technologies provide opportunies for deploying agefriendly working environments, on the basis of appropriate structuring of  working tasks, ergonomic design of the  surrounding environment, systems that  facilitate the elderly to manage their everyday task, as well as tools which  provide cognive and emotional support.

Despite the proliferation of these technologies and their deployment in occupation spaces, there have been no efforts for   systematically combining them towards transforming working environments into age friendly environments.

PEARL’s main goal is to enable the development and deployment of ICT-based ergonomic and movang agefriendly workspaces, on the basis of a unique blending of leading edge ICT technologies for smart working environments.

To this end, the project will research, develop, deploy and validate (in lab and field trials) a programmable platform   enabling the integration and customization of ICT technologies for specific  occupation environments and tasks.

The PEARL Team

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PEARL is a project co-funded by the Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL) of the European Commission and the National AAL Agencies.

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